Monday, 6 February 2012

Why is apathy a problem?

The main reason why the current members of the CSM have attained and appear to believe they can retain power is simply due to using their members to power bloc voting members from their null sec alliances.

As such the numbers and views show that a vast number of players are not interested in voting and thus whilst you may be blissfully unaware, your interests may not be being fully supported.

Chance are that if you are an industrialist, moreso a miner, a member who plays in high sec, low sec or worm hole space then your interests may be being neglected by the current CSM.

I wont tell you how to vote, but I would like to urge you to possibly research the issues further on the EvE forums but most importantly I would urge you to Vote in CSM 7 this March.

Considering the Mittani's Representation:

"One interesting stat to look at quickly might be the level of apathy or representation Mittens has.

According to his own reported figures in the last election he got 5k+ votes, keeping things simple and being generous lets make this 6k. According to CCP there are approx 745k active players. So assuming they are all even maxed out with 3 chars this means roughly (745k / 3) = 248k active accounts at least.

As such it means that the representation of active accounts based on the previous Mittani electorate at best is about:

(6 / 248) * 100 = 2.4 percent.

As such it is hardly a convincing figure that he does in fact unequivocally represent the player interest, far from it." - Delici Feelgood

It also means that it would take very little in terms of representative votes opposing the Mittani to easily re-address any power afforded to him through his bloc voting methods.