Monday, 6 February 2012

What did CCP mean for the CSM?

CCP's original intention for the CSM was that of unbiased represntation from the playerbase to support all interests, this can be seen from their document explaining the purpose and details of the council.

Full document:

with specific quote:

"The key question that council members must consider before casting their vote is whether or not the issue at hand has the potential to improve or otherwise benefit the entire EVE society, and not just a select group within the community that was successful in bringing attention to their unique case. Seeing the big picture—in this case, the needs of a society with over 300.000 individuals—is the primary responsibility of a CSM Representative, and reconciling that view with the interests that won them the election is the greatest challenge they will facein this implementation.

... and ...

CCP is unable to accommodate any issue considered detrimental to the collective interests of EVE , particularly if the issue(s) touch upon meta-level concerns."

And given the process that points of interests are placed infront of CCP at their meetings you can also see potential levels of control easily afforded to censor or propose points specific of interest to only the council, thus neglecting points that may be relevant to you.

In short to get a topic in front of CCP:

1) You place a topic of interest on the CSM forums and then have to get a 25% interest of the previous electorate in it OR Have a CSM council representative simply place one.

2) Prior to the beerfest in iceland, *cough*, I mean meeting with CCP where those ideas will be put forward the CSM council has the power to vito which topics to present. This means that the council simply has the opportunity to decide not to include your point in their luggage.

3) Even if any get through the above then the CSM represent those interests "for you" to CCP.