Monday, 6 February 2012

Please ensure you Vote in CSM7

EvE Online needs your support. Currently the CSM council of EvE is heavily if not completely composed of null sec power bloc representatives. The attitude of some of these Council members is focused on self interest, as an example we can see from some of the comments of the existing Chairman.

Quotes from The Mittani:

"The luxury of my popularity is that I don't have to bother lying to my voters about who and what I am. You get exactly what you voted for: a manipulative sadist who makes no apologies for who or what he is. "

"I ran for CSM on a platform of explicitly being a manipulative bastard, because it takes someone like me to actually bring CCP around to reason."

"Every CSM represents their own constituents. Some have delusions about 'representing everyone'. I do not."

"I'd kind of like to see Learning Implants vanish ........ However, this isn't really a major priority for me. I might bring it over beer in Islenskibarinn, but it's not going to be a summit topic and something I expend vast amounts of political capital on, like I have on supercaps.

and then from recent CSM Minutes:

One CSM stated a point in favor of removing learning implants, as that would be a nerf to highsec income, and he is always in favor of those where possible. Other members of the CSM were quick to object to that suggestion. Another CSM objected to "his peeps being thrown under the bus".

You can also see from the recent minutes of the CSM council the focus that is orientated towards selfish interests but at the same time the neglet of other players interests for personal gain.

I would urge you to read through the minutes to evaluate them for yourself, but the easiest way to see the focus is looking at the minutes summaries on the last page, which shows the importance of null sec with its own focus afforded in the minutes, the majority of other points being mutually of interest to everyone but if you look further into the details you can see how most of the focus is specifically designed to still be of value to the CSM members or a detriment to others.

As an example, even though wormholes get a small section of focus, this focus is in fact to allow capitals to enter WH space in order to destroy small power bases.

As a result your potential of fun in the game may not be as a good as it could be as a result. Especially when you remember that some of you may be paying CCP to play EvE online.

One obvious example might be the push to make T2 more controlled and competative in null sec. A move away from a free market where player choices would normally have an impact on the economy not enforced mechanics:

CSM minutes May 2011: "The CSM believes that nullsec needs to be more self-sufficient from hisec, at the industrial level. The CSM suggested that nullsec should be able to produce T2 goods at higher margins than in hisec. Many ideas were thrown around, such as making T2 production superior in nullsec compared to hisec as well as adding many more factory and research slots in nullsec outposts. The CSM suggested that high technology products come from nullsec - they can be done in hisec, but with better margins in null. The CSM was intrigued by the idea of allowing meta-level item production in lowsec, creating a continuum of t1 - meta - t2 across hi/low/null. Most of the CSM favored the idea of increasing invention chances in 0.0 compared to hisec."